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Finally!!! Not only will you be the COOLEST DOG OWNER IN TOWN, but you can now KEEP YOUR DOG SAFE on those early morning and late night walks and runs.

Thanks to the ClaraCollar, there will be NO MORE WORRYING about cars seeing your dog at night. No more hit and runs. No more losing your dog in the dark.

But wait... what if you only walk and run the dog in the daytime...? Not a worry. There will always be those nights at the park that get dark so fast. You'll be amazed how fun it is watching your dog run, playing fetch in the dark, proudly wearing his/her new light up collar. Not to mention staying safe on the walk home.

But what about when It stays on or stays off with the click of a button! It flashes - slow and fast. 

It comes in two variants, Battery Powered (replace the batteries for power), or USB Powered (plug it into the wall to charge it).

Additional features:

- Stainless steel hook included for leashing and dog tags.

- Adjustable buckle

- Long lasting power

- Crafted from breathable nylon fabric for comfort

- Available in S, M, L, and XL

- 5 different color choices